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Perhaps, after all the years you have lived in your house, your floors have worn out, faded, cracked or lost their luster. At Gala Tile & Marble of South Florida, Inc., an experienced flooring contractor can supply you with the flooring supplies to remodel and renew your home’s appearance.

Hardwood flooring reacts to moisture and extreme temperature changes, lightening or darkening with age and sun exposure, so it is one of the trickier types of flooring to install and is not recommended for bathrooms and laundry rooms. However, it is very durable and can create the overall feel that you might be looking for in your house.

Tile flooring has the added benefit of being waterproof and easy to install in your home. Although not meant for stairs, high end tile fits well in several flat level surface rooms. It’s warmer and softer under your feet which is perfect if you have little ones crawling or walking about. Vinyl tile has a clear film layer to protect against rips, tears and gouging. Natural stone, slate or ceramic tile is a more timeless look. Some of our patterns are directional and others mimics a more natural look. We have many colors and textures to help you with your bathroom or kitchen remodeling plans for your home.

Visit Gala Tile & Marble of South Florida, Inc. to check out unique colors and patterns for all types of commercial and residential flooring. We offer flooring installation and remodeling services with competitive pricing.

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